Monitor & safeguard every transaction.

Prevent financial fraud and ensure AML regulatory compliance using our advanced transaction monitoring solution tailored for risk professionals.

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Platform overview

All the tools to protect your business and streamline your risk operations

Icon Protect
Detect suspicious patterns 
Identify anomalous transactions in real time and catch emerging threats and patterns
Icon Signals
Smart signals
Combine device fingerprints, behavioural signals, identity information alongside transaction datapoints
Icon Rules
Rule editor
Prebuilt rulesets and no-code rule builder allows you to evaluate 1000+ signals and custom data fields
Icon Insights
Network intelligence and data enrichment
Benefit from expert insights and learnings of others when  countering fraud threats
Icon AI
Benefit from AI
Cover the gaps with Machine Learning models trained to detect fraud
Icon Network
Network graph
Explore suspicious relationships between users and devices visually to uncover money laundering rings
Icon Audit Trail
Audit trail
Stress free compliance with granular audit trails for every transaction made and decision taken
Icon Analytics
Detailed reporting on fraud signals, rule performance, transaction activity and compliance
Icon Privacy
Shadow mode
Simulate rules with zero impact on day to day operations
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Wide signal detection

Reduce false positives with a wide range of signals

Our platform compiles transaction data alongside 1000+ out of the box rules to swiftly spot bad actors. We do the heavy lifting to safeguard your business and stay compliant. Combined with machine learning, fine-tune your rules for better detection.

No-code workflow management

Develop dynamic, situation-specific flows tailored to your own risk assessment

Easily set up versioned risk thresholds and specify risk preferences for various scenarios, whether you have technical expertise or not. This enables you to tailor how you want to respond to potential money laundering or fraud instances based on your own risk threshold.
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Centralized monitoring

Single location where you continuously assess the risk of your customers

Stay informed with who you're doing business with no matter where they are in the customer lifecycle. Our transaction monitoring engine continuously assesses all risk signals and 3rd party data from your customers from their initial signup and beyond.
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Stay protected

Enhance your own rules with AI

Use our prebuilt rulesets or build your own with our no-code rule builder allows to evaluate 1000+ signals and custom data fields. Leverage network intelligence and machine learning algorithms based on millions of sessions to cover the gaps

Real-time alerts

Ongoing monitoring, alerts and analytics in your preferred locations 

Access continuous monitoring and receive immediate alerts aligned with your configured risk profiles, and harness our unified interface. Integrate effortlessly with your preferred analytics, alerts, and customer management platforms like Slack, PowerBI, HubSpot, and beyond.
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Seamless integration

The best of transaction monitoring with one integration

Our OneAPI enables businesses to connect to the best of breed Transaction Monitoring tools with a single integration, alongside KYC, Biometrics and other capabilities. Once connected, switch providers as you scale or as your needs change.

Scalable & secure

Secure and scalable as you grow transactions

Our platform leverages enterprise-grade security and encryption standards to keep your data safe. Built with scale in mind the platform handles high and complex transaction volumes as your business scales.
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