Verify businesses, in minutes.

Effortlessly orchestrate and automate your business verification end-to-end. Through a single connection streamline UBO identification, AML processes, Fraud prevention and seamlessly conduct KYC on directors and office holders. 

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Faster verification time
Via a single call automate end-to-end business verification.
Global registries
Scale globally with and retrieve data from around the world in one solution.
Our Unified API means less time developing, and more time onboarding new customers.
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Build it your way

Your risk policy come to life

With unparalleled flexibility design your workflow end-to-end by enabling risk based onboarding with tailored journeys factoring in commercial, credit and AML risk.

Recursive UBO verification

Investigate ownership across borders

Drill down into company owners across global jurisdictions, and easily visualize these structures with our visual ownership tree. Easily trigger KYC checks for each UBO.
IMG Recursive UBO Verification
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Global data sources

Supercharge your business growth around the world

'Switch on' modules and verify businesses from 165+ business registries, and KYC associated individuals in 50 countries through a single API that taps into 350+ data sources globally.

Continuous monitoring

Continued protection through the life of the customer

Continuous KYB protects your business from loss by providing real-time alerts when the status of a company changes.
IMG Ongoing Monitoring@2x
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KYC on individuals

Seamlessly verify individuals within

Easily trigger KYC checks for each UBO based on custom risk profiles across. Leverage 350+ vendors and data sources to conduct AML, PEPs, Fraud & Biometrics.

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