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A Banking Revolution

Hi 👋 we’re FrankieOne – or “Frankie”, for short.

We were created in 2017 as the brainchild of cofounders Simon Costello and Aaron Chipper, who brought us into the world with the goal of revolutionising the world of banking.

Initially, they were looking to build the next great neobank. It was during this process that they discovered first-hand how clunky and disjointed customer onboarding processes were within banks and other fintechs. The threat of severe penalties for getting this wrong meant that the primary focus when designing customer onboarding had been on compliance, which often came at the detriment of customer experience. What Simon and Aaron learned is that it didn’t need to be one or the other.

It was with that realisation that FrankieOne was born.
About Us - Simon & Aaron

Being Frank

Why the name Frankie?

Simon and Aaron’s vision from the very beginning was to build a personal, simplified banking product that would create a great customer experience for all. Frank, and simple. Frankie, unified by one single API, one decision engine, one customer dashboard. FrankieOne.

A Banking Revolution

What do we do?

FrankieOne helps banks, fintechs and other regulated entities manage their regulatory compliance with our single API and dashboard, which connects to hundreds of global identity and fraud-monitoring providers across the world. We also make it easier for our clients to scale and onboard customers by providing a better and more cost-effective user experience, whilst also potentially saving them millions of dollars in regulatory fines and protecting their customers from fraud.
frankieone hero
About Us - Aaron & Simon

Journey and Vision

Where to from here?

Despite the exponential growth we’ve experienced in these few short years, FrankieOne’s journey is far from over. Our aim is to connect every third-party identity and fraud-prevention provider from across the world into our single platform. Our product may have changed, but our vision remains the same – FrankieOne is on a mission to revolutionise the world of banking, one API at a time.

Simon Costello

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Simon initially started his career in investment banking in London, though has since successfully founded three further startups across Asia (moneyhero.com - listed NASDAQ), Australia (bopple.com - list on ASX), Europe (streebees.com) collectively raising over US$200m in capital.

Simon is a bit of a hippy at heart, rides his bicycle everywhere and his pride and joy is his vegetable patch and his dog Indy.


Aaron Chipper

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Aaron has been programming since the age of 7 and has spent the majority of his career either working in or with startups. He spent 20 years building mobile and social payments networks across the globe, and was part of the team that sold Fusion Payments to Telstra.

When not wrangling 1s and 0s, Aaron likes to work in his orchard or with his bees.

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